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"Martyn is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced figure in the UK golf industry, known and respected by many especially in the North West where he was a progressive manager of one of the country's most prestigious golf clubs. I would recommend him to anyone and look forward to having the opportunity of working with him again."

                Andy Hiseman -

  • Sales & Marketing Director at PowerPlay Golf Ltd
  • Owner at Hiseman Partners and Hiseman Limited

"I got in contact with Martyn with regards an opportunity relating to Golf clubs. I found Martyn a very personable client to work with. In addition, Martyn's strong links and networking ability within the Golfing community were invaluable in terms of maximising the opportunity and conveying the message to a wider variety of clubs and organisations."

Ed Hurley

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The website is clean and fresh and our members think it is an invaluable tool. Keen golfers who want to keep up with their statistics think it is fantastic because it is all there for them on-line. We had been looking for a new website but had not found one with the fully integrated handicap system that intelligentgolf provides.

Martyn Senior, Secretary/Manager, Hesketh Golf Club


Testimonial - Hesketh Golf Club

by Martyn Senior, Past Secretary

When asked what was the one initiative during my 13 years as Secretary/Manager at Hesketh Golf Club that contributed to the efficient running of the office and managed the resources to the best effect I would say it was the introduction of the BRS Internet Tee Booking and Society management system.

BRS was the 3rd electronic system we have used following the move on from paper and pencil.

First there was Baron Lite whose demise resulted in a frantic search for another system as I was reluctant to go back to pen and paper. David Brown (DJB) was in an early development phase with his booking system and I was pleased to play a major part in helping him develop the requirements of a busy golf club.

A few years later when I first saw BRS I was very keen to move to a web based system. Gill my assistant was very concerned at having to learn yet another system but now 5 years down the line she would rather lose her morning coffee than BRS.

Initially we killed many trees with paper back-up but after the first year we realised BRS stood for Brilliant Reliable Software and now we run it paperless and it has never once let us down. In fact recently when the double hard drives in the office server both crashed (“something that can never happen”) the only systems we could still operate for the three days was BRS and the website.

We soon realised that BRS also stood for Better Revenue Stream as we put all our Open Events on the system. We now only accept on-line booking, no mailing other than e-mails to previous entrants is sufficient to fill all our events and also dispense with the “organisers” until the actual day of the event. No more piles of entry forms and cheques the tee sheet fills up and the money goes straight into the bank without us doing anything.

BRS also means the "office" is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to take bookings which has resulted in Bigger Revenue Streams for both casual visitors and open event entries.

Members and some Committee members have an irrational fear of putting all the times out for the world to see but when set up properly taking into account the desires of the members for their busy times there is everything to gain by giving everyone the opportunity to see what is available and when they can play your course.

I also thought it a clever move to have internet times set slightly cheaper than booking through the office as it drives everyone to your website and whilst you will still gladly accept the telephone booking when visitors realise you can save money by booking on-line they do so willingly.

My advice to you is BRS "Be Really Smart & Buy Really Soon" you will never make a better decision.

Martyn Senior -

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